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ITSS ITSS Курс «Управление стратегией ИТ-услуг на основе ITIL®»

AJAB AJAB Курс «Настройка и администрирование jira Software, настройка функциональности для работы по Scrum и Kanban»



PRINCE2F PRINCE2F Курс «Основы управления проектами в соответствии с PRINCE2®»

MLF MLF Курс «Основы машинного обучения»

COBIT2019F COBIT2019F «Основы COBIT 2019»

OSA OSA Курс «Service Desk и процессы оперативного управления ИТ-услугами в соответствии с ITIL®»

DMLF DMLF Курс «Основы глубокого машинного обучения»

ITPM ITPM Курс «Инструменты управления ИТ-проектами»

RCV RCV Курс «Проведение изменений в ИТ в соответствии с ITIL®»

MSA MSA Курс «Микросервисная архитектура»

PPO PPO Курс «Оптимальное проектирование ИТ-услуг в соответствии с ITIL®: информационная безопасность, мощность, доступность, непрерывность»

ITHR ITHR Курс «Управление ИТ-персоналом»

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About IT Expert Management Company (Moscow, Russia)

IT Expert was founded as a response to the rising demand in Russia for new management ideas powered by the modern information technology. The role and importance of effective IT and project management may not be underestimated. Competent organization of IT departments and their role within organization as well as effective project management (PM) techniques attract close attention of top-managers as being key elements of successful business development.

Over the last two decades, the interest to wider issues of IT business-value, IT and project management has spectacularly grown throughout the industrial and service companies. The most important among these include project management (PM) standards, IT service management (ITSM) – organization of effective liaison between IT departments and other business units, IT business value analysis & assessment.

IT Expert company was founded in April 2002 by the group of high-caliber experts who pioneered IT service management and project management in the late 1990s’ Russia. Our knowledge is based on first-hand experience in both ITSM and PM accumulated over years of working collaboration with major industrial, financial, and service players – both domestic and multinationals – on the Russian market. The other key source of our knowledge is the world’s best practice articulated in the internationally recognized project management standards – ANSI PMI PMBoK Guide and ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library). Our expertise covers a wide array of topics ranging from the role of IT in company business development to development of the corporate project management systems and IT service management solutions.

IT Expert is the first Russian company, which has acquired international recognition. IT Expert’ services have been officially registered in 2002 by the Project Management Institute (PMI) – a leading global non-profit organization in project management.